Miele Washing Machines Global Appreciation

December 8th, 2010 by admin
Miele is the only premium brand in the household appliance industry represented on all five continents. They manufacture not only vacuum cleaners, but also dishwashers, laundry systems, and cooking products. Miele has over 15,000 employees with over 10,000 in Germany.
In 2007, Germany’s leading market research institute awarded Miele with the “Best Company” prize for being the most successful company in Germany. To give you an idea of just how successful Miele is, Google came in second, and Porsche came in third.
Built to Last
Miele products are truly built to last.
The company is committed to its “vertical integration” philosophy, which means Miele directly oversees the production and quality control on nearly all components used in every machine, from metal stamping and enameling to circuit boards and relays.
Enduring Quality
While this commitment to quality assurance results in a slightly higher retail price, we, at Miele, feel that this level of control is needed to guarantee that our products outperform and outlive every other product on the market while at the same time surpassing your expectations of fabric care, durability and reliability.
In fact, independent surveys show that the average replacement cycle for a Miele washing machine is nearly 45% longer than other brands.
Engineered Beauty
Every Miele washing machine is precisely crafted from the very best raw materials, German engineered and solidly constructed to perform flawlessly. The result: uniquely helpful features utilizing advanced technologies and timeless beauty with sleek design lines that will look as fresh decades from now as they do today. That’s what makes Miele washing machines the product of choice for architects and designers alike the world over.
Miele’s Super Large Capacity Honeycomb Care TM laundry system has been awarded the top honor in Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” issue featuring the “Best” products for affluent lifestyles. The Robb Report “Best of the Best” issue is currently in its 21st year of compiling the finest examples of technology, exclusivity and overall quality in the luxury market.
This is one reason why Miele was recently honored by the Innovation Foundation for its groundbreaking Honeycomb DrumTM technology which “achieves maximum consumer benefits” and has earned many design and innovation prizes including the coveted Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Brand” award every year the survey has been conducted!
J.D. Power and Associates ranked Miele “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dishwashers”
Established in 1968, J.D. Power and Associates has been listening to consumers and business customers; analyzing their opinions and perceptions; and refining research techniques and study methodologies to offer some of the most advanced product quality, customer satisfaction research available today.
The company’s quality and satisfaction measurements are based on responses from millions of consumers annually in 11 different industries.

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The History Of Miele Washing Machines

November 23rd, 2010 by admin

Miele Company was founded in 1898 by Carl Miele and his partner Reinhard Zinkann. It is a German manufacturer but today is a worldwide company and has distributions in every continent. Their product line is rather expensive and they produce home appliances like washer dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and microwaves. Miele is very well known in Europe, especially Germany, but it has lately started selling in USA since 1989 and has branches in 30 countries. One of their best known products is Miele washing machines.

Founders Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann

Carl Miele (left) Reinhard Zinkann (right) With modern day technology constantly changing each year, Miele has made it a promise to continue upgrading its products and always staying ahead of the competition. before the 1950′s, washing machines were known to be in basements of houses secluded from other home appliances and in laundry mats but in 1951 Miele changed everything with the Horizontal-Axis Washer No. 307.

Creating a change in shape from round to rectangular gave the Miele washing machine a more “appealing to the eye” product that you can place in your kitchen or even laundry room for that matter, a real eye catcher and shift in home appliances soon to come in the future.

  • In 1923 Miele washing machine No. 50 – Built on an electric motor, Miele creates the first washer with a transmission drive for farms and small businesses
  • In1925 Miele developes the first coal and gas-fired drum washing machine; ideal for hotels restaurants and hospitals
  • In 1930 Miele creats the cradle washer and dryer series
  • In 1953 the Horizontal-axis washer No.307 was born changing technology forever
  • In 1958 Miele opens a new chapter in history with the first domestic tumbler dryer
  • In 1967 Miele enters the industrial and hospital markets with specialised washer disinfecters
  •  In 1981 A completely new series of washing machines/ dryers hit the market including 5kg load capacity washers
  • In 2001 Miele invents the “honey comb” drum taking gental fabrib care to new heights reducing creasing during washes
  • In 2005 Miele launches the 6kg drum load capacity for both washers and dryers

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Everything You Need to Know about Miele Washing Machines

November 10th, 2010 by admin

Before purchasing a new washer, you should learn about Miele washing machines, as they are the best quality machines out there. Miele company washers have a guarantee for 10 years. Their lifespan is longer than 20 years. Miele washing machines and dryers are also considered as one of the most expensive on the market. So why would you prefer an expensive Miele washer to other known, but cheaper brands that look similar. Most Miele washing machines with front loads are very economical and usually pay off their price in a few first years of use. The most important features of Miele washers are:

  • Very low energy consumption. They can be programmed to use only the cheapest electricity.
  • Anything hardly breaks down as all parts are made extremely robust and durable. This means less repairing and no replacement issues.
  • Uses less water for rinsing as other known brands.
  • Every part used for building Miele washing machines are made recyclable. They helping to save our environment.

Here is an overview of the best features that all Miele washers have:

  • Garment care. Miele washing machines have a patent on honey comb drum. That is a technology that helps to save water while still giving your clothes the best washing. This system enables the washer to consume only the optimal amount of water needed for that specific load of clothes. It can spin up to 1800 RPM ensuring that all clothes only have minimum moisture when coming out of the machine.

  • Various washing programs: Miele washing machines have various programs that are always fabric specific. You can clean stains with 22 different stain cleaning programs.
  • Excellent performance: Miele washers have systems that are waterproof and protect the machine against damage from water. It is coated with enamel, protected against corrosion and scratching and it can resist acids.
  • Spinning is smooth and quiet: Miele washing machines are the most quiet machines on the market.
  • PC Software: There is a built in PC that updates itself and customizes your machine even years after purchase.

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Why Choose Miele Washing Machines

November 10th, 2010 by admin

If your old washing machine has died and you want a new one, the best washers out there are Miele washing machines. Miele is a German manufacturer that produces and sells different home appliances. Their washing machines are probably the best know in both Europe and USA. They are best recognized  for their traditional quality and novelty technology. Miele washing machines are already everything that other brands are yet trying to achieve. Now they sell their appliances in USA as well. The slogan of this company is “Forever Better”. When talking about Miele brand everybody knows their excellent quality. Their prices can be a little higher than usual, but you can’t find any unhappy customers. All of their houshold machinery, including their washing machines have a quarantee, which they always stand by. Here are some advantages you will get by buying Miele washing machines:

  • Reduced water usage – Miele washing machines can use up to two times less water than other known brands.
  • Precision cleaning – This washing machine has various preinstalled programs, but it also allows you to make your own programs and save them for future use.
  • Easy to control – Wash cycles as well as rinsing and spinning along with water temperature can be controlled with just a touch of a finger.
  • Easily programmable – Any settings can be programmed according to the amount and type of clothes that are being washed.
  • Dependable – Hardly any malfunctions happen with Miele washing machines.
  • Childproof – Miele washing machines are closed tightly while working.
  • Diagnostics – Like automobiles, this washing machine has a program that determines and informs you if there should be any problems.
  • Timer options – You can program it to start washing when you are away from home. You can program your washer to only work when the electricity is the cheapest.

Whichever model of Miele washing machines you choose, you can’t be dissapointed. All of those machines have a personal computer built in, that is always being updated with every new feature released. Even though some Miele washing machines can cost up to $2,000, you won’t be disappointed if you can afford it. They will function for more than 20 years. When calculate the savings from using less water and only working with cheap electricity, this price becomes rather reasonable. Why worry about washing your clothes, it doesn’t have to be a chore you hate. Just buy a Miele washing machine and you are set for the next twenty years.

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Different Models of Miele Washing Machines

November 10th, 2010 by admin

Miele is a well know German company that is producing and selling different home appliances. Their product line is usually high priced but also has the best quality, making it luxury products.

In case you are considering buying Miele washing machines, here are the specifics and reviews of some of the most popular models.

Miele W 2888

This is one of the most expensive Miele washing machines. It has a capacity of 5,5 kg. This is a very popular model, since it has many washing cycles and your clothes are perfectly clean every time. Sportswear and construction clothes, the most delicate fabrics like muslin, silk, lace and transparent fabrics, everything comes out spotless. With a spin speed up to 1800, your clothes are hardly moist when the machine finishes.


Miele W 2515

This is a front loading machine with many adjustable washing modes. This is a rather loud model, probably the loudest among Miele washing machines. It is child resistant and has a built in PC.  There is a water control and electricity price indicator system that can save a lot on water and electricity prices. Hand wash replacement programs that help to save time and effort on washing delicate items. This model of Miele washing machines uses less laundry detergent than other models.

Miele W 3740

This is the most traditional washer among Miele washing machines. It has a durable, robust body combined with high technology. It can work perfectly for 30 – 40 years. This is meant for people who like the traditional look but tough washing. If it should need any repairs, use Miele’s own engineers. It takes 6kg of clothes and spins 1400 RPM.

Miele W 4840

This is a very eco-friendly and child safe machine. It can wash more clothes than most other Miele washing machines. This helps to reduce the time spent on washing every week. It has a special cycle for beach towels and clothes that helps to remove all sand. It has separate dispensers for bleachers and fabric softeners. The drum is made of steel and has the honeycomb design. This model of Miele washing machines is only made in white color.

Miele Touchtronic W 1213

Among all Miele washing machines this is the only model that has a water temperature up to 155 degrees. To wash ordinary fabrics like cotton or denim, it only takes 40 minutes. This model has a matching dryer available.

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Miele Washing Machines are Smart

November 10th, 2010 by admin

Miele introduced their brand new smart Miele washing machines, which know when the electricity is the cheapest and then starts working. The first appliances that have the smart-grid option are the washing machine and the tumble dryer. If you use a Miele communication device that can communicate with your PC, you have a really smart appliance. These Miele washing machines can monitor the rates of electricity.

When everything is installed, the owner can use the Smart Start function of Miele washing machines. Even the earliest time to start and the latest finishing time can be programmed. When all that has been done Miele washing machines will operate only when the electricity is the cheapest. Energy prices in Germany and other European countries have been rising and power companies are starting to offer varying rates, this kind of appliances can save a lot of money.

Some Miele washing machines also have built in intelligent controllers that can contact the owner by internet or phone whenever there are problems or error messages. All the user has to do is to register on Miele website to activate the feature. This gives a lot of safety, because if the temperature of the machine should rise suddenly a message will be sent to the owner. An email will be sent even if the filter on the tumble dryer needs cleaning or replacing. If new Miele washing machines need servicing for any reason the program will send a message to the technician so he will know what spare parts to bring and which problem has happened.

Besides Miele Washing Machines, other Miele appliances will soon have those panels installed. Now your fridge can tell you when its door has been left open or your vacuum cleaner has its dirt container full. There is an application for iphones that is called the Info Control Plus that gives control over all your Miele appliances on a single screen. Now consumer can check the status of their appliances and control them remotely. These programs are fool proof, as they allow you to turn on different appliances but keep you from turning off your fridge or turning on the oven. Now you can check the status of the appliances of your elderly relatives and friends to keep them safe as well.

Miele Washing Machines have set the road for many new inventions, just like you have seen on futuristic motion pictures.

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“Forever Better” Miele Washing Machines

November 10th, 2010 by admin

Miele washing machines represent the best German engineering. They have won awards for best brand two times in Europe. Miele is a family-owned company and the biggest of its kind in the world. Even Donalt Trump has a partnership with Miele and he has brought their products to the US market. Miele was founded in 1899 and only 12 years later they started producing Miele washing machines. Over 300 models had been constructed by 1953. Their policy is “Forever Better” and they have been following it to this day.

Miele washing machines have several different features that help their customers to save on water and energy costs. There are 11 Master Care settings that help to choose the length of the wash, offer extra rinsing, different heat and spin settings. Of course there are also 6 – 9 automatic settings. All these washing machines have PC update program, so your washing machine will never get out of date. This machine won’t let you wash your pets, if there is a dog or a cat in the drum, the machine will turn off and open the door.

There are several features all Miele washing machines have in common –

  • A display – This feature shows you what is the program on the machine at all times.
  • Honeycomb drum – For using less water and offering better cleaning.
  • Timer – Allows you to schedule your washing for up to 24 hours.
  • Wash programs – There are many programs available that are unique for Miele washing machines (jeans, delicates, extra-whites etc.).
  • Six water temperatures – You can use cold water or set it to 158 degrees for the dirtiest clothes.

Miele washing machines are divided into three different categories. There are machines with super large capacities, large capacities and regular capacities. All of them are top quality machines. Of course newer machines have more features, but since all of them have a PC updater, they can all be updated to have all modern features.

Even though Miele washing machines will probably cost you more than any other brand, you can save in the long run, as all Miele washers cut costs for electricity, water and washing powder. When most washers have a lifetime of 10 years, Miele washing machines last for 20 years and longer. If you combine the long lifespan, safety, custom programming and PC updating ability you get a very good and useful appliance for your household.


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